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Case Study: Bigin Integration for Local Tennis Club

29 Mar 2022 01:01 PM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Quinte tennis club (QTC) has been storing and processing their membership data in a simple spreadsheet for years. Prodigm, introduced them to the possibilities of using Zoho Bigin CRM as an easy-to-manage comprehensive solution.

Zoho Case Study: Barlings Barn - Self Catering Holiday Rentals

27 Oct 2021 10:13 AM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Barlings Barn has been established for 40 years. The owners, Felicity and Terry Margolis, purchased a tract of Welsh hillside, a dilapidated cottage with no running water or electricity. They had a vision to create something special.

Everybody Wins - Helping Your Salespeople Perform

03 Nov 2017 12:14 AM By Paul - Comment(s)
Sales is the cornerstone of every business. 

If we’re not selling, money isn’t coming in, and if money isn’t coming in, there is no business. While holding salespeople accountable is fair, are we as businesses doing everything we can to help them get to their goals? 

Here are some ways in wh...

More Improvements from Zoho Writer

03 Nov 2017 12:10 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

ust when you thought Zoho Writer couldn't get any better (i.e the bulked up mail carrier, it's integration with WordPress and the new iOS and Android apps), it does. Zoho just announced two additional document formatting options to help make Writer adapt better to the way you work. Here is a summary...