What do the Zoho suite of apps do for your business?

29 Jun 2021 11:19 AM By alycoy


  • Make your business easier to manage, more efficient and organized 
  • Review up-to-the minute reports to show all Key Performance Indicators for immediate action. You need to know now what's happening now.
  • Respond to customer requests immediately. Automated events trigger workflow processes that send emails, ask for approvals, create and assign internal tasks
  • Website forms deliver leads directly into your system for instant response and assignment of sales resource
  • Automatic scheduling of social media posts weeks in advance for consistency and brand awareness


  • One source of all data that is shared as needed, automatically stored in a secure, encrypted multi-backed up data centre
  • One login for all applications 
  • Assign tasks to your team along with a link to the associated records
  • Increase productivity by making relevant information accessible for employees as needed
  • Immediate access for customer-facing employees to all relevant information to "Know Your Customer," to provide prospects and existing customers with a personalized experience


  • Have additional time to do the "more important things"
  • Welcome growth because additional volume is no problem
  • Coordinate sales teams in any location
  • Process real-time information from your entire business suite
  • At-a-glance graphic representation of key trends 
  • Encourage remote workers with tools that support productivity and results