• CDAP: Helping
    Companies Define Goals and Systems.

    Experienced designers and CDAP consultants to analyse and document your business system, efficiency goals, "must have" functionality and integration details, .... so you know where you are going and how to get there.

How to apply for CDAP funding

CDAP is a Canadian Federal Government-funded plan for ​
companies to be funded to create a digital adoption plan.

​Prodigm is an authorized CDAP consultant with a broad experience in system design.

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​In a nutshell

  1. You apply for CDAP funding
  2. Your request is approved
  3. You engage us as your CDAP consultant and plan your CDAP project with us
  4. We work with you to design the system you need to meet your ambitions and plans
  5. We document them in a CDAP approved format plan
  6. We submit the plan plus our paid invoice to CDAP which creates a refund payment to you
  7. You receive payment for what you paid us (up to $15,000) and are then eligible to apply to BDC for up to $100,000 interest free loan, repayable in 5 years to implement the plan. 
  8. BDC approves the loan and you can engage the implementation team or use your internal IT team

What the BDC Loan covers
The loan covers items directly related to the digital plan. Some examples are:
Acquiring IT equipment
Installation of new technologies
Updating and/or expanding IT equipment
Training staff on onboarded technologies
Materials and support services directly related to onboarding the technology
Further advisory services on particular aspects of the
digital adoption plan

How we work with you:

  1. We assess your needs, goals, current system and future plans
  2. We work with you to describe a plan for what functionality and processes you need to develop or incorporate in your plan
  3. We complete and review the plan with you to ensure we have described your future requirements in sufficient detail to meet  the CDAP plan requirements.
  4. You submit the plan to CDAP and recieve 100% funding up to $15,000 for our work with you.

Why Prodigm?

  • Extensive experience designing, developing  and implementing business systems, since 1992
  • Small business, Banks and Insurance Companies, Associations, Distributors, Engineering firms and much more
  • Sales process Automation
  • Trained in Sales process, Accounting, CRM best practices, Business

Why use CDAP?

If you fail to plan, you are by default, 

planning to fail

  • Some companies we have worked with do not allocate sufficient time or budget to carefully identify clear objectives, or required key functionality.
  • It is critically important to plan the strategic advantages and to design and implement the  business improvements that can be gained by an effective digital strategy. 
  • If you have an effective plan, it creates full  utilization of the system they implement andprovides a very valuable and satisfying result.
  • CDAP subsidizes the planning process and opens the door to an interest-free loan from the BDC to implement the plan

Incredible Design advantages

Recently a client said: 

"Happy New Year!!  Things are working swimmingly.  The dashboard widgets you guys created are extremely helpful and have made everything much more efficient.  I can’t thank you enough."

Our most successful design  and implementation 

Prodigm was engaged by a company that was  about to be wound up by their international parent company. The CEO decided to try one new "last-chance" strategy. 

We were engaged to design, develop and implement an automated sales process, responding to leads from TV advertising.  

It was hands-off, fully automated, and AI driven.

After 6 years in operation and ongoing refinement, it was booking $60 million in annual recurring sales and growing at an exponential rate. 

The company thrived and was eventually sold for over $300 M