Case Study: Bigin Integration for Local Tennis Club

29 Mar 2022 01:01 PM By alycoy

Problems to solve

  • Keeping member contact and membership type data up-to-date, without major manual effort each year
  • Sending annual renewal emails to complete the registration process
  • Matching faces to names so that members could identify each other
  • Organizing and inviting members to events with a mass emailing process
  • Recording the standard Tennis Canada skill level of members, so that members could invite similar skill level members to play matches
  • Keeping track of who has paid dues, and who needs reminding or finally removing from the booking system
  • Keeping member data private and secure as requested
  • Tracking family member grouping and different membership level charges
Bigin sample contact record with list of activities (crossed out means completed activity)


Quinte Tennis Club (QTC) has been storing and processing their membership data in a spreadsheet for years. Prodigm introduced QTC to the possibilities of using an inexpensive Zoho Bigin CRM system. 
Zoho Bigin is built for groups that need an easy-to-use CRM that can be set up and learned very quickly as new executive members take over roles.

In just two days:
  • Prodigm loaded the QTC contacts from the membership spreadsheet    
  • Created and published a membership form that automatically updated membership contact information to the CRM membership system via a "smart" form on the QTC website
  • Eliminated manual update and transcription errors in the membership spreadsheet - what once took hours now takes minutes.
  • Provided in-depth analytics reporting of membership status

Prodigm created task-related procedures within Bigin that identify outstanding dues, trigger reminder mailings and records and confirms payment of membership dues. Part of this process includes automated templated emails for reminding past members to register and reminding the need for payment or providing confirmation that payment has been made.

Future enhancements could include:
  •  An integrated payment/bookkeeping system
  •  Enhanced mass mailing                
  •  Booking system integration
An example of a Bigin sign up form

Three Unique Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: Recording multi-member family groupings as associated records in Bigin

Solution: Created a sub-form link accessed at the end of the main registration form to record any number of additional family members, and created a unique field called "family name" that keeps these contacts associated in Bigin

Problem 2. Keeping track of who has paid without having an integrated payment system

Solution: Automatically create an open task when a membership form is submitted which when marked "closed" by the treasurer shows that they have paid

Problem 3. How to process New vs Returning members differently

Solution: The first question of the form ask if the applicant is "New" or "Returning", which activates and controls the logic rules of the form. The following questions conform to the needs of each member type