Our Story

We have been a Zoho Partner and Certified Consultant since 2011, bringing the power, security, and cost savings of the cloud to small and medium business clients.

We do it by designing and implementing effective business systems and automation that allow our clients to run their businesses in innovative and productive ways. We create competitive advantage and we look forward to helping you grow your company.

Our Team

Peter Coy, President & Founder, Senior Business Consultant

Peter Coy

President & Founder

Senior Business Consultant

Braden Dalton, Business Consultant

Braden Dalton



Paul Morin, Business Consultant

Paul Morin



Our Six Step Process


Working with your team, we determine what problems we are trying to solve, identify the goals for the project and create an initial project plan.

Administration Training

We train your system administrators so that they fully understand how the system will work and can manage it independently once the project is completed.


We setup the system so that it fits your business needs perfectly, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Data Loading

We review your existing data and design an appropriate data load process, ensuring the data is loaded properly and that you are ready when the system goes live.

User Training

We train your users so that they understand the system, enjoy using it, and can do their job more effectively.

Coaching & Implementation Support

Once the system is implemented, we help address any initial issues, answer questions, and provide coaching as required.

What Our Clients Say...