Zoho Systems Architects

and Business process designers

Having your requirements specified in a clear, concise and effective online shareable document, means you can guide and direct your implementation team, internal staff, or Zoho implementation organization, with mutually understood objectives and procedures. 

Business types which are within our experience bank include:


  • Trade Associations complete management and government relations
  • Insurance Companies 
  • AI Automated direct sales,
  • policy management and CSR coordination
  • Distributors

  • ERP-integrated with CRM
  • Online Healthcare Management
  • Maintenance management
  • Large scale Technical distribution and installation
  • Auto parts distribution and wholesaling
  • Magazine Publishers
  • Rental organizations

Key Zoho products in facilitating the design we create together 

Zoho Qntrl:

Qntrl is a workflow orchestration platform to design, automate, and analyze all your business processes. Qntrl aims to bring in advanced automation techniques with a simple interface, enabling business owners to take complete control of their workflows.

Zoho Blueprint: 
Blueprint is Zoho CRM's simple and effective solution to your process automation requirements. It is designed to help you execute a business process in a well-defined and systematic manner. 
With a Blueprint you can:
  • Define the sequence of stages in a process
  • Associate the right people with each stage
  • Guide your teams through the execution of the process
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually
  • Automate routine actions

Zoho Deluge:

Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment, or Deluge, is an online scripting language that links 40+ products in the Zoho suite. It's a one-stop solution for performing actions and integrations across the suite. By minimizing the use of technical jargon and complex code, Deluge speaks your language. With built-in wrappers and a powerful execution engine, it has evolved into one of the fastest and most flexible scripting languages available.