• Are you considering how to improve your Business systems?

    Are you clear about what you want to achieve and how?
    Prodigm is a registered Canadian Digital Adoption Program Advisor 
    and Ontario DMAP advisor
    CDAP and DMAP provide you with funding to design and detail your system requirements
    Start with CDAP to get the big ideas in place, DMAP for implementation detail
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if your company is considering a move to Zoho or want to utilize our system design services for CDAP or DMAP, contact us to define and design your system flow, and detail how to achieve your key objectives.

Latest testimonial for CDAP planning 

Darryl Buck, CEO OneHSN February 2023:

​"Thank you again for your professionalism and knowledge.  
I really enjoyed working with you."

Our planning process delivers technical definition and clear outcomes for your innovative business advantage goals. 

Prodigm's special insight and experience includes:

  • Large Professional Association management
  • Distribution
  • Sales Process design and automation
  • Insurance Company policy management
  • Automated AI sales of Insurance Products
  • ERP and CRM
  • Complex Tax calculation for investments
  • All Zoho One Modules

Examples of Prodigm architectural design and implementation projects                                

Design develop and maintain a Project insurance sales / marketing automation system                 

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Design, develop and train internal staff to maintain for a Currency Exchange Trader               

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Design, develop and maintain an Investment and Insurance Management project for a major Trade Association    

View Details

Design and develop a CRM and inventory system for a  Promotional Item Designer and Supplier 

View Details

Design and develop wedding video planning and logistical management  

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We Make Adopting Zoho Easy

Do it right the first time.

In-Depth Business Analysis

Get detailed, business-specific recommendations and plans based on your business’s unique needs and requirements. 

Customized Setup and Settings

Optimize every aspect of your business with customized Zoho settings that can be adapted to your team’s workflow.

Formulated Design Document and Flow Diagrams

Receive a guide book and roadmap. The document is a meticulous design that reflects your critical business needs.

Requirements Specified and Shared

​Guide and direct your implementation team, internal staff or Zoho implementation organization, with mutually understandable objective and procedures.

Example of the Process Flow for an Industrial Auction Company

The Auctioneer's dilemma: 

An Auctioneer needs to know who is selling, who is buying, have they paid? What is the reserve value, Is the item in the warehouse? Is the item still installed elsewhere - how can it be reviewed by potential buyers. Who is arranging shipping and to where by what carrier? All the logistics and identifications are essential to run a competent and profitable business. Reputation for exemplary records are a must!

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Example of the Functional Requirements for a Tennis Club

The Tennis Club Dilemma: 

Tennis clubs must keep track of contacts and their membership status as well as organizing events and skill levels. In this case we mapped out how Zoho's Bigin can easily manage their system.

Get in touch to see how Prodigm can assist in your initial planning of the Zoho System.

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What Prodigm + Zoho Offers Your Business

Let us show you how your business can be more efficient and profitable.

​Prodigm Helps Your Business ​Run Better With Zoho

Prodigm was created to make the Zoho Suite of products more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Zoho can transform a business, but the transition can be daunting without help.  

Designing a system that works really well is not easy. It takes careful planning, in-depth discussions, illustrations of solutions, iterations, detailing imagination, insight and experience. But once it is designed and all of the key functionality is described and illustrated, then the implementation can begin.