"Helping small and medium-sized businesses become more efficient, nimble, responsive, secure, profitable and enjoyable to work in."

Peter Coy, President, Prodigm Inc.


What Problems do we solve?

At Prodigm we help our clients transition from difficult to easy, from obscure to obvious, from stressed to relaxed and from confusion to clarity.

To help you grow your business faster, our
Six Pillars of Success philosophy is embedded in our entire process, helping our clients thrive in a fast growth environment, with no ulcers.

We do the heavy-lifting of system process design, training and data conversion and when it is "ready to go", we hand you the keys of a fully functional system that grows lasting value into your organization.


How do we do it?

First we implement Zoho CRM to manage all the day-to-day sales and customer-related operations, then we plug in the other Zoho suite of easy-to-use products that manage your specific business requirements. Email Communication, Marketing, Billing, Accounting, On-line Surveys, Support Management, Mobile Apps, Analytics.

You get a fully integrated, secure, cloud-based business system that is accessible anywhere, on any device.

Try any of our products for free and ask us for a free 30 minute consultation to get you on the road to success.

What is a CRM?

"A CRM is everything you know about everyone you know...and what you plan to do about it"

Peter Coy, President, Prodigm Inc.


Enjoy the peace of mind of using a comprehensive CRM that helps you identify everything you know, about everyone you know, and what you plan to do about it. With Zoho CRM you will improve your business' efficiency and grow your bottom line.

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Effortless, fully automated and personalized email campaigns that you can "Set and forget". Results like clicks and opens are automatically fed back to your CRM for immediate action. Use professional email templates and track the performance of your campaigns through to sales results.

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Create, share, store, collaborate, and manage all of your documents in the cloud. Access all the document files you need from wherever you are on whatever device you are using. >> more


Stay on top of all of your projects with ease.

Collaborate with all project participants seamlessly in one central location. Easy-to-read charts and reports make it easy to manage progress Milestones >> more


Monitor and distribute attractive, timely and insightful reports about your KPI performance to your teams. Create insightful reports and "Big picture" dashboards to steer the ship and manage by exception. >> more


Track and engage your website visitors in real time. Turn casual visitors into sales conversions with Zoho SalesIQ. >> more


Harness the power of innovative email client software with a clean and intuitive interface.
Spend less time sifting through emails and end those frustrating forwarded email chains.

Collaborate with your team in a social media style that saves you time. >> more


Craft beautiful invoices, send automatic payment reminders, and decrease your accounts receivable days with Zoho Invoice.
Manage your expenses effortlessly and get paid faster!
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Use the CRM-integrated cloud accounting software that gives you every aspect of your operation in real-time at your fingertips.

Send out professional invoices and receive payments online. Review or create invoices, sales orders and estimates from the CRM

Track your business' financial performance with sophisticated and reliable reports.

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Send on-line surveys to customers from their contact record. Complete a survey for a customer on-line. Use a survey to create leads. Create professional surveys that are accessible from wherever you are.

Track responses and analyze the data collected. >> more