Everybody Wins - Helping Your Salespeople Perform

03 Nov 2017 12:14 AM By Paul

Sales is the cornerstone of every business. 

If we’re not selling, money isn’t coming in, and if money isn’t coming in, there is no business. While holding salespeople accountable is fair, are we as businesses doing everything we can to help them get to their goals? 

Here are some ways in which we can support our sales force in bringing their best game, so we, as an organization, win all round.

Find the right people

    Not everyone can be a successful salesperson. A good sales team complements one another and consist of individuals who have the inventiveness, capacity, and tenacity to approach and close a sale. Don’t put your sales team together lightly. Invest time in finding the right people for the job.

    Make sure they are up for the task.

      Training is the next piece of the puzzle. Making sure your sales teams are well trained to sell on behalf of your company. Many organizations committed to excellence have one thing in common – they are dedicated to investing in the people who represent their brand. Training in different forms, from strategic to technical, along with rewards that incorporate a learning model is a great way to make sure everybody wins!

      Help them prioritize 

      Sales staff need to be fully on-board with your strategy as a business. Ensure that the company’s goals are understood and their impact on the sales proposition is clear. Setting strong goals and outlining how they will be tracked is a good place to start building accountability with teams. Make sure that your performance reviews feed into your process. Giving employees the feedback they need on an ongoing basis is more likely to get you results than formal, once-a-year meetings. Make all metrics that will count as KPIs , clear up front.

      Give them access to the information they need.

        For inbound leads, sales teams need systems, processes, and tools to do their jobs efficiently, especially when they are on the road. Ensure they have access to product information, as well as updated pricing and inventory information, in real time. For outbound teams, ensure they have qualified leads, target profiles, clear priorities, and the technology they need to nurture and feed content into their prospecting. 

        When all this information is available in a format that works across devices, remotely, your sales teams will spend a lot less time looking for information and more time making sure the customer requesting it has it. This spells more effective conversions.

        Use your CRM effectively to help Salespeople sell.

        With a few focused efforts, we can all get more out of our sales processes. The easiest way to get started on this process is to use a CRM that works for you, if you aren’t already. 

        An integrated CRM offers many benefits at relatively low costs. And there’s only one sure way to get everything you can from your CRM. Learn to use it well! 

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