More Improvements from Zoho Writer

03 Nov 2017 12:10 AM By Paul

ust when you thought Zoho Writer couldn't get any better (i.e the bulked up mail carrier, it's integration with WordPress and the new iOS and Android apps), it does. Zoho just announced two additional document formatting options to help make Writer adapt better to the way you work. Here is a summary of those enhancements.

Collaborative code snippet

Identified from the expressed need of Developers, Zoho has now introduced a code integration tool with Writer. Previously, Developers were inserting their code into documents and then using the comments tool to discuss it, while others would just use it to document their code. Based off of this, Zoho now works in 13 common coding languages (C to Swift, etc.) and combines this with Writer's full-featured word processing capabilities. This integration now allows users to access their knowledge base on the cloud, from any device and from any location.


In addition to the Collaborative code snippet, Zoho has also introduced an easier way to insert quotes or excerpts from your favourite writers, and quickly give it a style that stands out.  Default paragraph styles in Writer (Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.) now have a new Quote option, and it’s compatible with MS Word, creating some graceful and simple quote designs for to use.

For more information on these updates please contact Prodigm directly.