Zoho Case Study: Barlings Barn - Self Catering Holiday Rentals

27 Oct 2021 10:13 AM By alycoy

Barlings Barn - Self-Catering Holiday Rentals 
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Executive Summary
Barlings Barn has been established for 40 years. The owners, Felicity 
and Terry Margolis, purchased a tract of Welsh hillside, a dilapidated 
cottage with no running water or electricity. They had a vision to create 
something special.

Felicity and Terry knew they needed a modern CRM to help them manage
their holiday rental property, which is a 13-bedroom facility that is 
rented to large groups. They rentthe Welsh property to vacationers by 
the week or weekend. They also managed twoSpanish apartment rentals,
 until selling those in 2018.

The Challenge
They had encountered difficulty with managing operations based on 
spreadsheets andMS Outlook email. They also used mobile 
communications based on a Blackberry email system. Prodigm
 assessed the needs, the sales process and marketing integration. 
We suggested an on-going booking system, client contact process and 
effective data capture.
  • Responding quickly to emailed inquiries with quotes and availability

  • Adding the booking contacts to the CRM for further stay-in-touch, 

  • coordination, last minute changes, rebooking and referrals

  • Maintaining a web presence with a booking form

  • Advertising on a variety of holiday booking sites

  • Accounting and payroll

  • Banking and reconciliation

  • Staff coordination: part-time staff involved with bookings management,

  • forestry cleaning, laundry and marketing database building from all 

  • inquiries processed

  • Zoho CRM configuration

  • Data load from spreadsheets and diverse data sources

  • Marketing strategy

  • Customization

  • Quote management

  • Email integration with CRM and mobile mail

  • Familiarization, strategy, sales process automation


Barlings Barn is now fully booked for properties in the up-coming season

 and can turn-around quotes in a fraction of the time required previously.

 Even in the challenges of Covid19 and lockdowns, Barlings has collected

 a record number of bookings for “staycations”. The best aspect of using 

Zoho has been that the process continues when Terry and Felicity travel

 and they have distributed the administrative and marketing roles to new


About Prodigm  

Prodigm was formed in 1992 and for the first twenty years concentrated

on providing leadership and innovation to larger organizations such as 

insurance companies, the insurance arms of major banks and large 

professional associations. We provided leading Artificial Intelligence,

 CRM and marketing automation solutions that drove hundreds of millions

 of dollars in Insurance policy sales for the Insurance companies and

 positioned Associations as leading providers of investment management

 and on-line processing abilities for self-service investment and 

insurance management.


When we decided to become Zoho Partners we were passionate to 

bring business advantages, that were previously only in the budget 

range of very large organizations, to the smaller companies that are 

the life-blood of the Canadian economy. It is difficult, challenging and

 yet hugely rewarding when our customers thrive and grow.

Zoho builds the software, Prodigm makes it work for you.