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More Improvements from Zoho Writer

03 Nov 2017 12:10 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

ust when you thought Zoho Writer couldn't get any better (i.e the bulked up mail carrier, it's integration with WordPress and the new iOS and Android apps), it does. Zoho just announced two additional document formatting options to help make Writer adapt better to the way you work. Here is a summary...


11 Apr 2017 12:54 PM By Paul - Comment(s)


Zoho has just announced a raft of new CRM functionality (the full report can be found here). This is the first upgrade since the new user interface was rolled out 7 months ago. To help you make sense of this, here is Bernard McLeod's (a Zoho Partner and Prodigm Associate) take on what yo...

Hints and Tips June 2016

13 Jun 2016 09:59 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

Manage your Brand's Visual Storytelling 

with Zoho Social

Zoho Social's focus has always been around helping businesses grow their presence on social networks that matter the most. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that Instagram is the latest addition to the growing list of networks supporte...

Hints and Tips May 2016

18 May 2016 11:17 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

Change the way you process Email!

Until two months ago, we were still using the standard Zoho email client that has barely changed from the "Outlook" style everyone used in the last 20 years. The new Zoho Mail client is changing the way we process email. There are some great features that a...

Ten Reasons to use Zoho Sites

28 Feb 2014 03:09 PM By Paul - Comment(s)

1. No HTML required. Drag and drop material directly into your site with Zoho's WYSIWYG editor. Also, unlike other template based hosts you have the option to customize with access to the CSS pages if you like. 

2. Choose from a number highly professional templates. If you're a small business,...