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​Prodigm offers a personalized and human touch while providing expert business advice, implementation services, and guidance on the Zoho business suite of products.

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What do the Zoho suite of apps do for your business?


  • Make your business easier to manage, more efficient and organized.
  • Review up-to-the minute reports to show all Key Performance Indicators for immediate action. You need to know now what's happening now.


  • One source of all data that is shared as needed, automatically stored in a secure, encrypted multi-backed up data centre.
  • One login for all applications.


  • Have additional time to do the "more important things."
  • Welcome growth because additional volume is no problem.

Video introductions to some featured apps 

 Zoho One: Run your whole business with this suite of Zoho applications

Zoho's Bigin: Powerful, simple & affordable CRM with unlimited growth potential

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