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If your challenge is that CRM's are too complicated, Zoho Bigin is the right solution for you. 

Ditch the spreadsheets and use a CRM that grows with you, and can integrate with the whole Zoho range of business products when you need more.

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How Bigin works for you

User Friendly

Set up takes 30 minutes

✔Little effort to learn and use

Seamlessly import your contacts and get started quickly


With plans starting at $9 CAD per user per month, Zoho’s Bigin is the most affordable CRM software on the market that is supported 24x5 by phone, chat and email.


Customize the platform to meet your needs

✔Synchronize instantly with all your users

✔Run it all on your favourite devices

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Prodigm has implemented Zoho for hundreds of unique businesses

Support Sales Process

Streamline your sales pipeline and customize modules from lead to closed deal

Virtual Phone System

Click to dial and optionally record phone calls, transfer incoming calls, queue up your next call


Respond to emails individually or mass send to a group of contacts


Stay organized and assign tasks related to contacts and sales opportunities to your team

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Bigin implementation made easy

Step 1

Free 30-minute consultation with a Prodigm consultant

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Step 4

Budget and project planning

A Perfect Fit for Any Sized Business

​Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

✔Reduce stress levels with an organized and coordinated management system

✔Build your business with confidence using a fully functional and cost effective CRM tool.

✔Keep track of your new clients with follow up reminders, tasks, recorded phone calls and mass emails.

✔​​Supports your growing team that can work and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Wasting money on CRM licenses for your sales team?

✔​​Use Bigin for users in your organization that don't need complete access to your full CRM and accounting system.

✔Capture leads, update deals, make phone calls, send emails, with all activity integrated with your in-house business system.

✔Assign tasks and keep track of sales progress from representatives around the globe.

✔Bigin can be integrated with your current cloud-based system. 

Integrate Bigin with your current system

Zoho Suite

Two-way sync Books, Invoices, CRM, Desk, Campaigns, Meeting, Form and Zoho Sites. Connect Bigin to hundreds of other vendors with Zoho Flow.


Save high monthly subscription costs by integrating these two systems; Bigin for the sales team, fully loaded CRM for the core group.

Microsoft Office 365

Automatically connect your contacts, calendar and mail outlook system all in one application to avoid confusion and the antiquated copy and paste.

Google Workspace

Bigin is the missing piece to your Google Workspace that syncs and manages your contacts, calendar, and forms. 


Integrate Bigin for optimal conversion of your marketing campaigns. Nurture prospects and convert to deals.

Facebook Leads Ads

Connect your Facebook ads to leads in Bigin, to follow up immediately and add them to your sales pipeline process.


About Prodigm

Prodigm Inc. was founded in 1992 by Peter Coy with the purpose of facilitating orderly growth, greater efficiency and consistent profitability, for Prodigm clients. 

In 2011, Prodigm became one of the first Canadian Zoho Partners. Implementation support for the extensive suite of Zoho products has been the main focus of the company since that point.

Zoho Makes the Software. Prodigm Makes it Work for You.

See if Bigin is the right fit for you by registering for a free consultation. We’ll also share a free eBook to help you learn more about how a CRM Tool can unleash your growth potential.

How Bigin Transforms the Way You Do Business

Shift from Spreadsheets to Interactive Sales Pipeline

Manage your deals with confidence and ease with real-time data

Ditch the spreadsheets and replace them with drag and drop pipeline views. Answer all of the difficult questions about your sales pipeline in one place. Deals are the lifeblood of the organization, and provide the most accurate measure of future cashflow and operational load factors. This is what your board needs to know to make critical investment decisions. 

Bigin is a CRM that grows with you. Upload your spreadsheet into the system for a seamless transition. 
Qualify More Leads With Less Work

Automate Workflows to Qualify Leads to Next Stage in Sales Pipeline

Spend your sales time wisely and be confident of stage reporting accuracy. Establish a list of key questions that you want to have answered before a stage is completed. These qualifying questions will save you and your prospect a lot of time as you work through a sales process. "Qualified" is normally the first sales milestone. 

To be Qualified we find out:

Expected Budget? Time frame of need? What are three big problems we can solve for the prospect? Is there a fit between what the prospect needs and what we can deliver? The Workflow system checks that each of these details have been entered before the Deal stage is moved to "Qualified."
Simplify Your CRM System for Your Remote Sales Team

Save money on license fees with a simplified CRM

If you have a large group of external agents who sell and nurture a deal to completion where it only needs a sales order and an invoice, you don't need a fully loaded CRM. If you want to have all of the deal data integrated with your full CRM/Zoho One system but you don't want to add all the external agents as Zoho CRM/Zoho One users, use Zoho Bigin.

Assign Tasks to Sales Team

Assign tasks to a sales team or external agent

Schedule regular follow up tasks for yourself or team members, such as quarterly review phone calls, to stay connected with your customers and their changing needs and expectations. 

Start your day knowing what tasks you and your team have planned to complete.

If you don't want to hire full time staff, easily assign tasks to an external sales agent, who will only have access to add leads and create sales order or invoice. With certain tasks assigned you can now focus on other creative areas of the business.

Avoid Delays in Follow Ups and Assign Leads

Who is handling the Lead?

The web form can designate which sales person will be assigned to manage the associated lead. If your Sales Manager assigns leads, the Sales Manager will be assigned as the initial user. The assigned Sales Person can be revised when needed to balance work load, or changed in bulk if a sales person leaves the organization and has to be replaced.

Any web form can be connected to Bigin, and will start working for you as soon as your website is published. The form connection will create a new Lead contact in Bigin. It can also create a follow up Task. You will start receiving Leads into Bigin straight away! No data entry or delay. 

Bigin includes a drag-and-drop web form creation process that is easy-to use and amend.

Trigger Automatic Follow Up Email From Web Form

From Web Form to Automatic Follow up

Bigin includes a drag-and-drop web form creation process that is easy-to-use and amend. Any web form can be connected to Bigin, and will start working for you as soon as your website is published. The form connection will create a new Lead contact in Bigin. It can also create a follow up Task. You will start receiving Leads into Bigin straight away. No data entry or delay. 

In your follow up email, let your prospective customer know what will happen next; send a survey, arrange a meeting, deliver a form to sign, all triggered with an automatic workflow.

"Leads are like an ice cream cone melting in the sun, they need immediate attention." - Peter Coy, President Prodigm

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​Manage Customer Relationships with Ease. Meet Zoho Bigin. 

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