Hints and Tips July 2016

By Paul

Get New Leads Directly into Zoho CRM from Your Social Media Marketing 

Zoho Social integrates your social media, marketing efforts, and business goals. Social helps you tie social media activities to business outcomes. 

One of our six pillars of growth is building customer intimacy. Zoho Soc...

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Hints and Tips June 2016

By Paul

Manage your Brand's Visual Storytelling 

with Zoho Social

Zoho Social's focus has always been around helping businesses grow their presence on social networks that matter the most. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that Instagram is the latest addition to the growing list of networks supporte...

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Hints and Tips May 2016

By Paul

Change the way you process Email!

Until two months ago, we were still using the standard Zoho email client that has barely changed from the "Outlook" style everyone used in the last 20 years. The new Zoho Mail client is changing the way we process email. There are some great features that a...

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Zoho Hints and Tips - March 2016

By Paul

Work Smarter from Wherever You Are - New Mobile Apps   

Zoho recently released updates for its Android and iPhone apps. The interface has been completely redesigned and the app is now easier to use. All of your crucial information from the CRM is available at your finger...

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Zoho Hints and Tips - February 2016

By Paul

Zoho Motivator helps you achieve your sales targets


Zoho Motivator is a great new product that helps boost revenue and engage your sales team. Motivator creates a competition between sales staff related to your KPI. The latest results are displayed on a big screen in your sales office, so every...

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Ten Reasons to use Zoho Sites

By Paul

1. No HTML required. Drag and drop material directly into your site with Zoho's WYSIWYG editor. Also, unlike other template based hosts you have the option to customize with access to the CSS pages if you like. 

2. Choose from a number highly professional templates. If you're a small business,...

28 Feb 2014 03:09 PM - Comment(s)

Three ways of achieving a broader reach for potential clients

By Paul

We have just finished an exciting new project for our client Fauk Leather, using Zoho Sitesand various social media sites, to showcase their fashion leather goods business, connecting the company with their natural consumer base. 

Avoid a high bounce rate!

If your website is uninteresting or i...

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Three key ingredients to help build your business

By Paul

Our clients often come to us to help them solve problems with one of the three key ingredients that profoundly impact their competitiveness and cost structure.

The three areas are: Customer or Contact relationship Management, Designing and implementing an effective sales procedure, and Sales Trainin...

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Top 10 Reasons to have a cloud-based CRM

By Paul

1. Security

Anyone who has ever lost or dropped a laptop or had it stolen, knows that sinking feeling. Having data online in the cloud is very secure, you don’t lose work and miss commitments because of lost data. For the company
security means that critical and valuable...
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Introduction to Zoho Campaigns

By Paul

Zoho Campaigns is great for keeping in touch with your current clients, reaching out to new contacts and to gain an insight into who of your potential clients showed interest by opening or clicking on your email. You can automate a series of emails, and add sign ups for new subscribers.

Here are ei...

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