Automated Sales and Marketing

06 Nov 2017 11:00 AM By Paul

The Best Small Business Strategy

Small businesses have it hard. You are low on manpower and resources, low on budgets, and still need to compete with larger, more established organizations. Losing even a single client can hurt you as a small business. Faced with the dilemma of whether to spend more for future pay-offs, or struggle through with limited resources, many small businesses often make expensive compromises.

Automation can be the solution for you, if you feel frustrated by your resources but don’t have the budgets to change that. Automated sales and marketing tools help you provide the same level of service to your customers as the ‘big guys’, without breaking the bank with extensive hiring.

The right tool, when tasked with the right job, can perform better than the average human, improving your overall efficiency. Automated tools can position you better for great business results.

Here are a few examples of sales and marketing tasks that can be automated. 

  1. Software can identify prospective customers based on analytics and customer profiles and automatically create a database.
  2. Automated contact management and lead capture can help turn inbound traffic into leads. This means, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on resources for outbound tactics like cold calls.
  3. Email automation software can set up personalized campaigns to target prospective customers, as well as existing ones, nuturing them into closing the deal faster and cheaper.
  4. Automated tools are smart enough to recognize prospective customers based on industry and other business specifics.
  5. There are tools, which can make the job of a salesperson on the road a whole lot easier and more efficient. Besides acting as an assistant, helping set up meetings, and keeping track of emails, these tools can also provide the data and numbers you need, in real time, to talk to your customers.
  6. Automated tools can be used to crawl through social media sites to mine vital customer information like email IDs and phone numbers, which can form the basis to build a database for lead generation. That’s not all, social media tools can keep track and alert you to specific changes in a profile.
  7. Social media automation tools exist to help you maintain and post to your social feeds, keep track of conversations about your brand, and more.

Help Them Work Better Using An Integrated CRM

Today automation is no longer only available to the select few. Different price points and various subscription models that deliver software as a service means that you can pick out the automation level that works best for you and give it a try.

An integrated CRM offers many benefits at relatively low costs. And there’s only one sure way to get everything you can from your CRM. Learn to use it well! Take our two-day course designed for business owners, executives, and sales management professionals - Mastering CRM Implementation and Configuration Strategies. It teaches you all you need to know about using cloud-based CRMs to increase business. We’ll even help you apply for a Canada-Ontario Skills training grant, if you are eligible, and give you access to the latest version of our tool! Fill out the form online, call 416 564 1446, or email for more information