Helping you run your business better with Zoho

We will show you what is possible, You will reimagine your business


  • One source of all data that is shared as needed, automatically stored in a secure, encrypted multi-backed up data centre
  • One login for all applications 
  • Automatic alerts when a task has been assigned, along with a link to the appropriate records
  • Immediate text, voice and screen share with your team


  • Reports distributed
  • Processes guided and quality controlled 
  • Responses sent to customer requests
  • Events trigger workflow processes that send emails, ask for approvals, create and assign internal tasks
  • Website forms deliver leads


  • Instant information in real time from your entire business suite
  • Built-in standard reports with graphic representation of key trends 
  • Measurable productivity and results while staying in touch from anywhere
  • Feel on top of things instead of behind the 8 ball

Mac Jarvis Implementation Assistant

Mac Jarvis, 
CRM Implementation Team

Our "Secret Sauce" for implementation

We know that planning to implement a critical business system with new software is scary, "we don't know what we don't know." We know that as your understanding of the opportunity increases you will discover new possibilities. Our implementation projects vary according to the circumstances of the client and their internal resources. We do as much as you need, no more.

Fast start implementation

We start with the basics, to get you properly and securely set up so you can start working with the system and understanding the power and the options in working differently, better, faster, and more effectively. Our objective is to make you as self-sufficient as possible, as quickly as possible. 

One step at a time

This journey of discovery is an exciting time. We supply as little or as much assistance as you need. We work in agile Sprints, the first is to set up the basics in the system and show you the online training videos available, and plan your staff training. The second is to work with you to map out business processes, and show you customize views and layouts to meet your business requirements. When your system is ready and your staff is confident we help you go "live" with Zoho and transition from your previous systems.

About FastStart Implementation


A major software company needed immediate assistance

Working with Peter and Mac has been amazing. Our Zoho experience started off a little rocky with another Zoho partner. When we found Prodigm, we were finally able to move forward and get things rolling with Zoho. Everything that was asked was completed and in great timing. Peter & Mac are always available to help and make working with them so easy. 


A busy Wedding Videographer needed extensive organization

Brian Kreikemeier CEO, The Wedding Storytellers
"Absolutely WOW! We are still tweaking it, but I got my first actual inquiry through it this morning. ​AMAZING! Everything goes right into Zoho!"

Coordinating multi-million dollar projects, using Zoho CRM and Projects

"We build very large, complex, multi-million dollar technology projects, with detailed engineering design evaluations and extensive project management requirements. Prodigm helped us to set up a six-step process control system from initial sales qualification through customer satisfaction. 

It made it easy for us to manage the critical activities and ensure quality throughout our process. We could see at a glance that the procedure was being followed, and the KPI elapsed time measurements gave us complete insight into any bottlenecks that required intervention and planning. This complete process helped us improve customer satisfaction."

David Weatherhead   Past-President Advanced

Running a self-catering operation is complex
Terry Margolis, Owner & Booking mgr, Barlings Barn, Llanbrynmair, Wales.

"I could not manage this operation from everywhere I travel without the excellent reservation system that Prodigm designed for us, customizing the CRM system to our exact needs. Without Prodigm there would be absolute chaos as we have parties of 25 people moving in and out all of the time."

​Why Zoho?... Why Prodigm? Compelling Reasons                


Since 2011, we have helped Zoho Customers ​to implement their ​Zoho products to gain maximum positive business impact. 

Providing management insight to process and product choices​ 

Connected, productive and effective, from everywhere.

Our Customers include

Engineering firms ( 3)

Invisible fence dealer

Video wall installation

Video wall rental for trade shows

Organic food distribution and franchising sales

Currency exchange dealer

Auto part production line equipment manufacturer

Auto industry replacement equipment distributor

Education learning standards software 

worldwide distributor

Warehouse management software distributor

Regional tourism and business authority

Explosives maintenance and disposal specialist

Medical equipment distributor

Telemarketing operation

Remote medical diagnostic manufacturer

Playground imaginative foam play blocks manufacturer and distributor

Business consultants (3)

Cell tower lease management

We implemented

Rugby club alumni

Specialty branded items for trade shows international distributor (2)

Scissor Jack manufacturer and distributor

World-wide software author and distributor (2)

Home security installation

Wedding photographer

Advertising agency

Construction company(3)

Cell tower lease management

Basketball league manager

Garage Renovation

Video wall proximity engagement system

Rugby club alumni

Specialty branded items for trade shows international distributor (2)

Scissor Jack manufacturer and distributor

World-wide software author and distributor (2)

Home security installation

Wedding photographer

Advertising agency

Construction company(3)

We designed

Signage repair company

Auto loan sales and approval

Real estate news

Renewable energy distributor

Electronic Library distribution

ISO 45001 expert consultant

Trade show organizer

Biometrics consultant

Self-catering property rentals

Custom organic soap 

manufacturer and distributor

City of Toronto restaurant training

Roofing contractor system distributor

Fashion leather supplier

Baby sitter booking app reseller

Signage repair company

Auto loan sales and approval

Real estate news

Basketball league manager

Garage Renovation

Video wall proximity engagement system

Great Functionality Piggy Bank

Prodigm and Zoho deliver Comprehensive Functionality at a Great Price

You may not require any additional software to run your whole business. 

Sales, marketing, accounting, billing, Inventory, HR, document storage, business process management and workflow, email processing, social communications, communications, spreadsheet document signing, surveys and more..... Much more.

Zoho Incredible Security Lock

Prodigm and Zoho provide Incredible Security

Stored securely and hot-backed-up in the cloud. Encrypted at rest. Granular user access control and capabilities. No more paper or spreadsheets to mislay critical customer files. GDPR privacy standards. Highest data protection and security ratings. No data required on local drives.

Zoho Easy to Use Hammock

Prodigm shows you how Zoho is Easy to use and Manage

Completely configurable for your business. Many customizations achieved by configuration. Minimal programming required (often none at all). In Zoho One, the User control for all modules is in one place. That includes mobile apps. Managers can review every detail of subordinates work and share screens remotely with them or a team.

Zoho Affordable Meal

Zoho pricing is affordable and Prodigm will help you select the best value option for your needs

License monthly or annually for up to 20% discount. For example, Zoho One costs as little as $1 per day for each employee in the company to be able to access more than 40 core business applications and their mobile versions. No more server upgrades, network security costs, minimal programming costs, if any.

Zoho Silo

Prodigm will show you how Zoho integrated systems are a Silo-buster

Coordinate every part of your company from Sales to Accounting to Shipping and Operations.. One customer-base, one process control, everything shared as needed.

Zoho Currency Image

Zoho is International... so is Prodigm

Zoho is available in just about every country in the world. Multi-lingual, local versions for national tax regimes.  You can coordinate an international workforce.

Prodigm is part of an international consortium of highly specialized Zoho certified professionals.

We share industry best-practices and collaborate to implement advanced projects. You benefit from our experience, expertise and resources. Prodigm services clients in 3 countries. We provide service from Canada or with local Consultants in the UK, US  and Mexico See

  How we implement Zoho Applications


This is the critical initial step that provides you with real benefits, confidence and understanding.

Working with your team, we determine what problems we are trying to solve, identify the goals for the project and create a project plan


We work with you to setup the system so that it fits your business needs perfectly, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Data Loading

We review your existing data and design an appropriate data load process, ensuring the data is loaded properly and that you are ready when the system goes live.

Administration Training

We train your system administrators so that they fully understand how the system will work and can manage it independently once the project is completed.

User Training

We train your users so that they understand the system, enjoy using it, and can do their job more effectively.

Coaching & Implementation Support

Once the system is implemented, we help address any initial issues, answer questions, and provide coaching as required to get you on your way.