Zoho Systems Architect

and Business Process Designer


System Process Design for Zoho implementations is our focus

Do it right the first time


If your company is considering a move to Zoho, contact us to detail your requirements, key objectives and system flow.

We work with your internal IT staff or your selected implementation partner to ensure all parties understand what is to be delivered.


The design document and flow diagrams, provide you with a guide book and roadmap.

The  meticulous design reflects your critical business needs and identifies how, for example, your system can support:

  •  effective processing and qualification of new business opportunities
  •  how process automation will be monitored to ensure that “bottlenecks” are cleared as quickly as possible
  • "Who does what" in the new regime of collaboration and automated next steps?

Zoho makes ​the Software... ​​

​... Prodigm defines how you will achieve your goals and meet your objectives.

Example of the process flow for an Auctioneer company

The Auctioneer's dilemma

An Auctioneer needs to know who is selling, who is buying, have they paid? What is the reserve value, Is the item in the warehouse? Is the item still installed elsewhere - how can it be reviewed by potential buyers. Who is arranging shipping and to where by what carrier? 

All the logistics and identifcations are essential to run a competent and profitable business. Reputation for exemplary records are a must!

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