Prodigm Configures Zoho Software to Meet Your Business Needs

We provide you with highly efficient business solutions for manageable growth and helping you operate your business the way you always wished you could

Prodigm Implements Zoho in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Free  Consultation

During your free 30 minute consultation we’ll identify your needs, discuss a budget, timeline, and projected launch date.

Step 2: Basic Setup

Your Prodigm consultant will begin setting up your Zoho account, customizing your settings, and educating your staff.

Step 3: Mapping Your Processes and Defining Your Data

A series of sprints will see your Zoho account set up, optimized, and ready for review. 

Step 4: Go Live With Zoho

The final step is a complete transition to Zoho, with your data and team ready to begin using Zoho on your targeted launch date.

 Sample Questions from Step 1: Free Consultation

What are your key business objectives?

What are the problems to be solved?

What kind of budget is required? 

What customization or integration may be required?

Which integrated business modules will you use and what do they look like?

Are we a good fit?