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Prodigm Configures Zoho Software for Your Business

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​Prodigm Helps Your Business ​Run Better With Zoho

Prodigm was created to make the Zoho Suite of products more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Zoho can transform a business, but the transition can be daunting without help. 

Prodigm makes it easy by planning your transition to Zoho from start to finish, adopting Zoho to your business’s unique needs, on-boarding and educating your employees, and much, much more.

The Benefits of Zoho

Automate Business Processes

  • Make your business easier to manage with Zoho’s automation features that support you and your team to simplify tasks and save time.
  • Review up-to-the minute reports to show all Key Performance Indicators for immediate action. You need to know now what's happening now.

Collaborate With Team Members

  • With all of your business data in one place, your team can easily connect to share ongoing work, updates, and communicate important information.

Manage Your Business More Efficiently

  • Zoho consolidates your departments and business processes in one place, making it easier to find information, provide updates, and break down departmental silos. 

  • You will welcome growth because additional volume is no problem.

What Zoho + Prodigm Offers Your Business

Make Your Business More Efficient and Impactful

 Zoho One: Run your whole business with this suite of Zoho applications

Zoho's Bigin: Powerful, simple & affordable CRM with unlimited growth potential

We Make Adopting Zoho Easy

Get Professional Help at Every Step

 In-Depth Business Analysis

Get detailed, business-specific recommendations and plans based on your business’s unique needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Team Training

  Ensure every member of your team is trained to leverage Zoho in as many ways as possible. 

Customized Setup and Settings

Optimize every aspect of your business with customized Zoho settings that can be adapted to your team’s workflow.

Complete Data Transfer and Upload

Maintain your records, files, and historical data while transferring to Zoho, and access all of it immediately after launch.

How We Work With You to Optimize Your Business

Simple Steps to Simplify Your Operations

Step 1: Free Consultation

During your free consultation we’ll identify your needs, set a budget, timeline, and projected launch date.

Step 2: Basic Setup

Your Prodigm consultant will begin setting up your Zoho account, customizing your settings, and educating your staff.

Step 3: Mapping Your Processes and Defining Your Data

A series of sprints will see your Zoho account set up, optimized, and ready for review. 

Step 4: Go Live With Zoho

The final step is a complete transition to Zoho, with your data and team ready to begin using Zoho on your targeted launch date.

Book Your Free Consultation

Meet with a Prodigm consultant to discuss how your business 

can be optimized for long-term success with Zoho.