FastStart Programs for Implementing Zoho

FastStart programs are designed to introduce you to what Zoho can do for your business and how Prodigm professional services will help you achieve your business goals.

How it Works

  • Invest in making the most out of your Zoho system
  • Integrate day-to-day operations with Zoho's suite of apps with confidence
  • Train your staff to use your Zoho system with maximum efficiency and user management
  • Discover how Zoho can grow your business
  • Purchase a set block of time versus an ongoing monthly fee
  • Hand off to Internal IT resources or schedule additional sprints with Prodigm consultants

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​FastStart | Budget $1000

  • ✔️ Typically working with a skilled consultant for a total of 7 hours spread over 1-3 days
  • ✔️ Basic set up of system to explore your business requirements versus what Zoho products can do for your business
  • ✔️ Discover business growth opportunities
  • ✔️ Hands-on set up of specific key system capabilities to illustrate what Zoho can do and what Prodigm can do to solve major problems together
  • ✔️ Smaller commitment to working with Prodigm so you can decide: Are we a fit? What to do next?
  • If you have more extensive requirements and plans check out our other FastStart packages or contact us directly at
  • Turned complicated spreadsheet into clear system to organize and communicate with members
  • Set up automated mailing 
  • Integrated web sign up form


"I cannot say enough about Mac Jarvis....He has done the lion’s share of the work. Mac is very responsive to questions and suggestions, and is very patient. He will be a valuable asset to the incoming Director."
​Rick | Quinte Tennis Club