Case Study: Bigin Integration for Local Tennis Club

29 Mar 2022 01:01 PM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Quinte tennis club (QTC) has been storing and processing their membership data in a simple spreadsheet for years. Prodigm, introduced them to the possibilities of using Zoho Bigin CRM as an easy-to-manage comprehensive solution.

Zoho Best Practice Guide: Sales

22 Feb 2022 02:42 PM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Zoho Best Practice Guide: Sales
The Prodigm "Best Practice" series of blogs is designed to help you use your Zoho system to achieve your business goals. Finding and developing qualified leads is an expensive business process. Here's how to make sure your sales investment is spent as effectively as possible.

Zoho Best Practices: Tasks

03 Feb 2022 02:24 PM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Zoho Best Practices: Tasks
Best practices of Zoho Tasks. Why use tasks? How to create tasks, repeat tasks, set reminder tasks, set task priority, set task views, and how to process and assign tasks.

FastStarts for Implementing Zoho

25 Jan 2022 10:52 AM By alycoy - Comment(s)
How to get started working with Prodigm using the best FastStart to fit your budget and needs.

Zoho Case Study: Barlings Barn - Self Catering Holiday Rentals

27 Oct 2021 10:13 AM By alycoy - Comment(s)
Barlings Barn has been established for 40 years. The owners, Felicity and Terry Margolis, purchased a tract of Welsh hillside, a dilapidated cottage with no running water or electricity. They had a vision to create something special.