FastStarts for Implementing Zoho

25 Jan 2022 10:52 AM By alycoy

How to get started with Zoho One

FastStart programs are designed to introduce you to what Zoho can do for your business and how Prodigm professional services will help you achieve your goals. It's like a maiden voyage on a new ship.

"We don't know what we don't know."

We work with you to initially configure the Zoho applications so you can test and use the key aspects of the each application that you plan to implement. During the Discovery process we demonstrate what the Zoho applications can help you to achieve in business benefits. At the end of Discovery process you are far better informed, and ready to define the project plan with us.

"That's Perfect!"

The phrase we hear a lot in Discovery is "That's perfect." It reflects that we can often exactly meet, not just the stated requirements, but those unspoken requirements, like total data security, guided procedures or cross-silo integration, that makes such a huge difference to productivity and collaboration.

"How much?"

You select an appropriate initial FastStart budget, and we demonstrate how much we can get done for that price in advancing your project. 

Our aim is to provide you with a plan which includes addressing your immediate urgent priorities, setting up a detailed project plan, configuring your required system applications so we can illustrate how they work and how they can be configured to meet your needs. 

Internal Resources?

If you have internal IT resources resources, they may be able  take the project from the project plan point. If not, we work with you on a schedule and budget plan that meets your requirements to implement the system and support it.

During the Discovery process, your staff and management are being introduced and trained in the new possibilities that Zoho application integration provides for greater efficiency, easier management and a more consistent process management and reporting system.

Is one Sprint enough to go live on the new system?

For some clients with very limited requirements it may be possible to go live in a limited way, but typically a first sprint is to get the system to a complete enough point, where realistic decisions can be made about important topics like:

  • Training your staff
  • Importing and cleaning your data for every aspect of your system functionality
  • Enforcing internal security of Data and access
  • Defining your specific requirements, workflows, automations and procedures
  • Establishing and training your Administrator
  • Integrations with your website and forms
  • Creating workflows and process controls

FastStart Advantages

FastStart service packages offer you initial set up and planning to ensure that you will understand your objectives and how they will be met by using the system and procedures we design with you. We integrate the Zoho One system components that you will use, with users assigned appropriately to the applications that you need to use immediately. 

FastStart packages deliver several advantages:

     You get to know Zoho One applications better, so you can make informed decisions

     You will understand what Prodigm can do for you, so it makes it easier to decide to make a larger commitment if required, in building a long-term relationship.

     You will avoid big “Showstopper” mistakes that will derail your implementation. Early mistakes can cause your project to lose credibility with Management and Staff.

     You can assess how much Prodigm can accomplish for a fixed price, and the immediate value of Prodigm services

     You will be able to assess to what extent your staff is capable of taking on the various strategic, organizational and technical tasks that are required. We want you to be confident and self-supporting users of a system that you understand well. If you have the right staff and management, you may be able to take on the next phases using internal resources with minimal support from Prodigm or Zoho. If not we will help you beyond the initial stages outlined with ongoing support and coaching for as long as you want using our monthly-paid support program

     Increased insight into the business advantages that Zoho can bring your business, provide guidance into the opportunities in the “next phases of the project.

     You will understand how Prodigm professional services enhance and augment the standard support processes offered by Zoho as part of your license fee.

     You will understand the training required to on-board a new user, how to protect your data security and how to be consistent in your sales process. 

    You can add the balance of the functionality available in Zoho One once you and your staff are ready. That way you are not overwhelmed with all of the training and changed procedures all at once.