Prodigm: Zoho Advanced Solutions Partner

How We Work With You To Optimize Your Business

Simple Steps To Simplify Your Operations

Step 1: Free Consultation

    During your free consultation we’ll identify your needs, set a budget, timeline, and projected launch date. 

    Step 2: Basic Setup

    Your Prodigm consultant will begin setting up your Zoho account, customizing your settings, and educating your staff. 

    Step 3: Mapping Processes and Defining Data

      A series of sprints will see your Zoho account set up, optimized, and ready for review.

      Step 4: Go Live With Zoho

      The final step is a complete transition to Zoho, with your data and team ready to begin using Zoho on your targeted launch date. 
      Get Started

      Implementing and supporting your Zoho advantage

      Detailed Discovery of your needs > Configuring your system > Training your Administrators > 

      Planning your Data Load > Training your users > Planning and helping out your go-live day

      With a focus on sales based businesses we offer standard CRM implementation, or CRM implementation with any additional requirements to run your businesses from end-to-end. Zoho One is the best option to run your business from end-to-end and we know how to make it work like a dream with the CRM. Look for our Fast Start options for a standard implementation Sprint.

      What are the components of implementation?

      Discovery & Configuration

      We work with you in a hands-on, interactive process of design and customization, to illustrate and test how your Zoho applications and new integrated business processes will support your business growth strategy.

      Deliverables include: a detailed project plan, a detailed description of any critical new functional requirements, a project timetable to go-live date and a vastly improved understanding by your management team of the way your system will work.

      It's a great feeling to know your management team and your implementation team are on "the same page".

      Configuration continues after Discovery is complete to ensure every screen and every drop-down is correct for your requirements.
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        Prodigm offers three Training courses plus video self-learning courses to help your staff and management become productive with your Zoho system as quickly as possible.
        • Admin training
        • User training
        • Sales team training
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      Implementation Day Support

      Prodigm supports your implementation on "Go-Live day" to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and able to perform their job using the new system.

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      Planning of Data Conversion & Loading

      Converting from a previous system or data on spreadsheets can be challenging. We help you plan, test and time your data conversion process to ensure a smooth and continuous operation.

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