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Implementing and supporting your Zoho advantage

Detailed Discovery of your needs > Configuring your system > Training your Administrators > 

Planning your Data Load > Training your users > Planning and helping out your go-live day

With a focus on sales based businesses we offer standard CRM implementation, or CRM implementation with any additional requirements to run your businesses from end-to-end. Zoho One is the best option to run your business from end-to-end and we know how to make it work like a dream with the CRM. Look for our Fast Start options for a standard implementation Sprint.

What are the components of implementation?

Discovery & Configuration

We work with you in a hands-on, interactive process of design and customization, to illustrate and test how your Zoho applications and new integrated business processes will support your business growth strategy.

Deliverables include: a detailed project plan, a detailed description of any critical new functional requirements, a project timetable to go-live date and a vastly improved understanding by your management team of the way your system will work.

It's a great feeling to know your management team and your implementation team are on "the same page".

Configuration continues after Discovery is complete to ensure every screen and every drop-down is correct for your requirements.
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    Prodigm offers three Training courses plus video self-learning courses to help your staff and management become productive with your Zoho system as quickly as possible.
    • Admin training
    • User training
    • Sales team training
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Implementation Day Support

Prodigm supports your implementation on "Go-Live day" to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and able to perform their job using the new system.

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Planning of Data Conversion & Loading

Converting from a previous system or data on spreadsheets can be challenging. We help you plan, test and time your data conversion process to ensure a smooth and continuous operation.

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