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Hands-On Course

Learn how to successfully implement your Zoho CRM and other integrated  Zoho applications. Avoid the pitfalls of poor planning and equip your team with the knowledge they need to effectively integrate your Zoho CRM with your business and sales processes.

Get up and running with your Zoho system as quickly as possible.

Course Fee


Tuesday & Wednesday in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Belleville, Kingston, and Trenton.

Course Contents

The course features presentations, class discussions, and hands-on sessions where you will learn how to control and manage your Zoho system.

Day 1

  1. Why CRM? Identifying your main objectives and the implications of those objectives
    Hands-on: Basic system setup, users  & options
  2. Avoiding data and intellectual property theft
    Hands-on: Security setup
  3. Supporting your business process with your CRM modules
    Hands-on: Process design & module customization
  4. Supporting your sales process
    Hands-on: Sales process design & implementation
  5. The power of system administration
    Hands-on: System administration setup & configuration

Day 2

  1. Learn about the other integrated Zoho applications you are planning to implement
  2. The power of workflow
    Hands-on: Workflow creation
  3. The power of other automation options
    Hands-on: Automation process design
  4. Proactive exception management real time KPI reporting
    Hands-on: KPI setup & reporting
  5. Next steps discussion