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5 Growth Hacks for First-Time Entrepreneurs

11 Aug 2017 09:37 AM By Paul - Comment(s)
Use These Strategies to Grow Your Business

With a robust set of unconventional marketing strategies, you can push your business to the next level by generating better revenues, getting more customers, and staying ahead of competition easily. These strategies, or growth hacks, help your business creat...

Hints and Tips July 2016

27 Jul 2016 09:58 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

Get New Leads Directly into Zoho CRM from Your Social Media Marketing 

Zoho Social integrates your social media, marketing efforts, and business goals. Social helps you tie social media activities to business outcomes. 

One of our six pillars of growth is building customer intimacy. Zoho Soc...

Hints and Tips June 2016

13 Jun 2016 09:59 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

Manage your Brand's Visual Storytelling 

with Zoho Social

Zoho Social's focus has always been around helping businesses grow their presence on social networks that matter the most. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that Instagram is the latest addition to the growing list of networks supporte...

Hints and Tips May 2016

18 May 2016 11:17 AM By Paul - Comment(s)

Change the way you process Email!

Until two months ago, we were still using the standard Zoho email client that has barely changed from the "Outlook" style everyone used in the last 20 years. The new Zoho Mail client is changing the way we process email. There are some great features that a...

Three ways of achieving a broader reach for potential clients

28 Feb 2014 03:00 PM By Paul - Comment(s)

We have just finished an exciting new project for our client Fauk Leather, using Zoho Sitesand various social media sites, to showcase their fashion leather goods business, connecting the company with their natural consumer base. 

Avoid a high bounce rate!

If your website is uninteresting or i...