5 Growth Hacks for First-Time Entrepreneurs

11 Aug 2017 09:37 AM By Paul

Use These Strategies to Grow Your Business

With a robust set of unconventional marketing strategies, you can push your business to the next level by generating better revenues, getting more customers, and staying ahead of competition easily. These strategies, or growth hacks, help your business create a strong foothold for itself right at the start, ensuring its sustained growth in the future.

Unlock the true potential of your business with these growth hacks that will help you entice leads, engage with prospects, generate sales, and nurture customer relationships.

Create Quality Content

Many marketers share great content in various forms but fail to use it to drive sales. Creating captivating content through blogs, eBooks, website pages and other content-driven communication tools must be supported by measurable ways of converting your readers into leads. 

With a huge surge in the popularity of video over the past decade, one that is easy enough to understand given the move from desktop to mobile computing, investing in generating video content that is informative and accountable is almost a necessity today.1 The right mix of content will not only bring in more leads but also educate them about the category in which you play. Convert the audience that consumes your content into leads through compelling CTAs, opt-ins, newsletters and gated landing pages for content downloads.

Watch Your Competition Closely

At the early stages of your business, competition is extra important to watch. It is one of your best avenues for learning. Competition is a healthy reality of business and can provide vital lessons from the industry that can lead to consistent improvement in products and services. Stay on top of the key moves your main competitors are making. If a strategy works well for an established player, a variation on the theme might be worth considering.

Automate Your Social Media Marketing

    Though highly effective, social media can be time-consuming since it’s ‘on’ 24/7. Take advantage of social media automation tools (like Zoho Social), and services, to help you increase your pool of followers, schedule content at times that are most effective, devise formulas, and more. However, remember to keep your content engaging and relevant to your audience.

    Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

      Consumers quickly tire when they are told about the same offering, in the same way, using the same media. Try different online and offline promotion techniques to reach your target market and increase conversions. The right promotional mix can boost your sales relatively soon while building enduring relationships with customers over time. Even simple changes to your messaging strategy (testing more than one message on social channels for example) can appeal more to your audience, and drive sales.

      Be Everywhere!

        Use PR strategies and good, old-fashioned networking effectively to stay top-of-mind. Host podcasts, webinars, and events as well as participate in industry conferences and trade fairs to boost your brand’s presence. Look for opportunities at face-to-face interactions to generate leads through referrals.

        CRM software can help you know your current and potential customers from multiple contact points. These include: notes about meetings or phone calls, social interactions, email exchanges, mass email opens and clicks, conversion and loyalty communication strategies you have initiated, and surveys they have completed. CRM also keeps track of any documents you have exchanged including the contracts and proposals you have initiated, any complaint tickets you have processed, with a record of the person in your organization that has communicated with the customer in question. Further, you can keep track of past events and future planned meetings, outstanding and completed tasks, current and historical sales opportunities and stages, invoicing totals and payment status, as well as specific product interests expressed.

        A CRM is everything you know about everyone you know and what you plan to do about it! The key lies in learning how to get the most out of it. Contact us to find out how our cloud-based CRM training can help.