Zoho CRM for Sales Teams

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Are your sales people and support staff using Zoho CRM effectively?

Our half-day course is designed to teach your Sales team how to master selling with Zoho CRM.  Establish meaningful and verifiable sales stages. Bring consistency to sales forecasting & production load planning. 

Implement key performance indicators (KPI) and design how they are measured automatically. Gain hands-on experience in processing a sale from Lead to Cash.


Delivered Tuesday & Wednesday in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Belleville, Kingston, and Trenton. 

Can be on-site for a minimum of 5 people.

Course Fee

  • $550 per attendee
  • Minimum 5 people

Course Contents

The course features presentations, class discussions, and hands-on sessions where your team and management will learn how to control and manage selling and integrating with marketing campaigns using your  Zoho CRM.

Students will access their own version of Zoho CRM using their own Laptops and mobile devices.


  1. Qualifying CRM overview & adding a Lead. Review of CRM best practices. Hands-on: Adding a Lead
  2. Opportunity sales best practice support. Why a standard approach and why comply with the system?
  3. Sales management reviews, sales reporting and KPI. 
  4. Keeping organized and working effectively with Calendars, Tasks, Views, and Reports. Hands-on exercises.
  5. Ownership of data. Understanding Data Sharing, Roles & Profiles. 
  6. Qualifying Leads, Managing Opportunities. Understanding when to start an Opportunity. Hands-on exercises.
  7. Automating stay-in-touch and self-qualification programs.