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What is the best CRM software? 
A CRM System that helps you sell smarter, better, faster. 

Zoho CRM gives you the insights you need to run  your business.

Meet Zia, the conversational AI

Zia lets you chat or talk with your CRM to get the customer information you need. Learn more about Zia!

Multiple channels, one conversation

Meet your customers, no matter the medium. Connect via phone, live chat, email, social media, and in person.

Shift your team into high gear.

Use analytics and reports for detailed metrics about your team's performance and your customers' life cycle.

Break sales records without breaking a sweat

A good sales process leads to great sales. Generate more sales with sales process automation, workflows, and advanced reporting.

What is a CRM

A CRM is everything you know about everyone you know and what you plan to do about it" Peter  Coy, President Prodigm Inc.  

A CRM contains full profile information about everyone with whom your company has had any significant business dealings. That includes every email, note, opportunity, estimate, invoice, help ticket, survey, sms, signed contract, phone call, web-site chat... every interaction that has ever happened. 

A CRM without a plan of action is just a contact list. What gives it life and motivation are the standard procedures and strategies that you define to preform critical functions that build your business.

Here are a few sample motivators:

  • Follow up tasks associated with the user who is responsible for the relationship and the contact or lead to be contacted. A task also includes a due date, a priority, a status  and a description of what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Tasks are processed by the Activities processor in Zoho CRM. When you select the next task in your list it shows you everything you need to know to call or contact the associated Contact. That includes your previous notes, any email conversations and any opportunities. Tasks keep you on top of your priorities and help you to be organized, relaxed and successful.
  • Calendar Events and planned phone calls at a specific time are all recorded in Activities and shown on the Zoho Calendar. The day begins with a check on your calendar to ensure you are in the right place at the right time. You can set a reminder for any event or call.
  • Automated strategies and Campaigns assigned to Leads or Contacts to send automated stay-in-touch email sequences for example. 
  • Detailed dashboards of analytics that provide staff and management with the same real-time information about what is happening right now. How many Leads qualified and converted, How many new Quotations sent, how many opportunities closed won.

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