Use the CDAP plan to Manage Your Business more Easily and Profitably

"When we work with clients on their CDAP plan, not everyone is expecting to use the $100,000 interest-free loan from BDC". 

Here are the top 12 ways we can help you improve your business immediately, with these inexpensive and effective digital strategy “quick fixes”

12 suggested system upgrades to get your creative juices flowing

Each suggestion is quite doable to design and implement.


(We believe they all should be part of every Digital Adoption plan!) 

Have you  have already fixed all of these challenges?

Email system

Improve the quality and deliverability of your email system: each person in your organization should have their own email address. Your email/website domain should be your company name. eg:

Website Engagement

Make your website more responsive to visitors with chatbots and visitor engagement processes.

Key Performance Indicators

Identify the KPI that need to be tracked for each of your management and staff and build the appropriate reporting dashboards.

Internal communication network

Set up a quick online connect system for all staff and management for instant text, voice and video connections with staff and key contacts like current customers. Can be 1-to-1 or 1-to-many meetings.

Dynamic Content

Put useful dynamic content on your website that auto-updates regularly - for example Exchange rates, Customer portal data, industry trends.

Comprehensive Analytics

Implement a comprehensive analytics system that has access to all company data (with the appropriate access and security controls). Build multi-factor analysis KPI reports that auto-update and auto-circulate to appropriate decision makers.

Review the CDAP advisor page for details

Eliminate data duplication

Integrate your CRM and Accounting/Billing systems to ensure that exactly the same information about customers, suppliers and key contacts, is available in both systems

Online Self Service Portals

Customers and suppliers can update their contact data, review and approve Invoices and sales orders, pay bills, engage with customer training programs and much more.

Support a hybrid and mobile workforce

Your Digital system should fully support everyone in your company being able to  work from anywhere. That means on any internet device. Great login security and data security keeps your system safe from unwanted intruders.

Process Control

The customer journey starts with an initial engagement, inquiry, or chance meeting at a trade show and ends up with a customer survey to ensure all has gone as expected. Our clients who have added process control measures, experience an exceptional increase to the value of their company.

Workflow Automation

When some event happens, generally another person needs to be handed responsibility, or a customer needs to be informed. Automating the communication and hand-over of responsibility process to the right person,  and monitoring the velocity of hand-over transactions, provides exceptional quality and value.

Marketing Automation and AI

Adding Marketing AI for one larger client, added over $300,000,000 to the value of our client's company in only 8 years.

Having a smart system that automates profit generation,  creates huge value and improves the quality of customer service.

Review the CDAP advisor page for details