Prodigm Zoho CRM Consulting
  • Ongoing Zoho Business Coaching and System  updates
    ​by Certified Zoho Consultants

    New powerful business tools like Zoho One or the Zoho suite of integrated business functionality make new demands on a management team. 

    At Prodigm we offer a coaching and updates  service to help you understand and implement new systems and new business processes effectively. You can select one, two or three sessions a month of dedicated coaching, system updates, adjustments and enhancements to your system. 

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. 
It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.  Mark Twain

Business Challenges

"I was surprised to find that the largest source group of new prospects were arriving from Twitter. Prospects  who were liking, retweeting or following our blogs and posts. We needed a new strategy for engagement and conversion"

The expectations of Millennials

Working from anywhere. Chat-based collaboration, personal growth, knowing "why" and "how we are doing against our goals" on a minute by minute basis, competitive, technically savvy, well-educated, open to new challenges, expecting a continuous upgrade of skills....suddenly a revolution as Baby-boomers retire and a new Millenials flood the workforce.

Monthly business coaching to adjust and tune your business management and customer relationship tools.

Once a month, or more, we will be in touch with you to audit your Zoho Business system,  address new requirements and concerns, identify new opportunities and keep the wheels of progress turning as fast as the new business paradigm demands. 

Billed monthly for as long as you need our assistance. 

Zoho often unleashes new capabilities and functionality that should be incorporated to your business systems bringing new integrations and efficiencies. We alert you to the new possibilities and implement them as required.

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