Design and develop  Wedding video planning and logistical management  

 Small wedding photography business with complex requirements needed logistical and billing management 


Prodigm customized and Implemented a 5-user Zoho CRM using remote support and screen share sessions

Our Client contacted Prodigm to help them cope with increased demand for their Wedding Video service. The logistics of shooting a wedding video required careful management of logistics and key characters. The team needed to know when and where to shoot and who to coordinate with to get the right people on the video.

Prodigm designed and implemented a system that processes leads from the website and gathers all the required logistics and contacts. The next step is to coordinate and schedule the video team. That includes booking the team for video shooting time and collecting payments. 

Locations include: The wedding supper, the hairdresser, the ceremony, the reception and the Wedding pictures location, are all available to the video team, along with a direct locations mapping process that helps them navigate and arrive on time at each location, using their mobile devices.

“We used to run the whole business on spreadsheets when we were doing 20 weddings a year. Now it’s 400 and still growing”