Fast Start 1

Taking your first steps to see how the elements of the Zoho system can be used to improve your business results.

  • What you get in a Fast Start 1 Process

  • Discovery and Configuration with a senior Business Analyst and a  Business analyst. The Senior business Analyst will lead the process, That includes finding out what problems you would like to solve using the system and the implications of the choices that you are making. 
  • Deciding which modules to implement in which sequence. Most organizations want to start with the CRM and then work out into the ticket system (Zoho Desk), the Accounting and Inventory systems (Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory). Discussions with a Senior Business Analyst will identify and prioritize your project plan to ensure that you address your challenges in the best sequence for you and to fit your budget.
  • Daily coaching sessions with a Support Business Analyst provide on-going expertise for 15 days to ensure that you don't struggle with the implementation.
  • Providing Video links for training and on-boarding and the training follow up sessions to discuss try out the concepts and techniques "hands-on"
  • Use of Prodigm Infographics and helpful materials that explain the key concepts
  • Membership in Zoho Hints and Tips Newsletter