Introducing ExecutorNotes by Prodigm Inc

ExecutorNotes provides a facility for individuals to record their wishes related to the details of their funeral arrangements and communicate key details of other required ongoing transactions and financial activities to their executor and family. 

Peter Coy, President of Prodigm Inc, developed ExecutorNotes after his Brother Graham died in 2020. Graham had dementia and had made no preparation for his death, except to appoint his sister with power of attorney.

ExecutorNotes was born as a product that could be stored very securely, and conveniently distributed in advance to your family and friends, and of course your executor! Note that beyond the regular questions and their answers there is the ability to attach quite large documents, pictures and even short videos to the ExecutorNotes.

With Peter's software development background and using Zoho Survey capabilities, ExecutorNotes was launched November 2021.