How to improve your business- plan to sell it!

09 Dec 2013 11:53 AM By Paul

Try preparing to sell, it may be the shot in the arm your business needs.

Cleaning out the attic

Whether you sell or don't sell, cleaning out the attic (physically and metaphorically)  is often long overdue. 

By preparing to sell  you are automatically going to focus on those aspects of your business that need decisions:

"This part of the business is always
 a headache
 and unprofitable,  
let's get rid of it."

"This kind of customer is our best prospect."

"We should fix up our customer waiting room."

"let's collect our customer's    email addresses."

If you have ever "staged" your home for sale, you know what we mean.

You paint, tidy, repair, mow, plant, get rid of clutter. You get around to doing those fix-up projects you have been putting off. 

By the time you have finished, you begin to think: 

    "Wow, this is actually a really nice place! Perhaps I should stay."

About Prodigm Inc.

At Prodigm we provide and configure the business systems you need based on relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use cloud-based software.

If you know of someone trying to sell their business, or who needs to spruce up their business and communication systems, we can provide a high value upgrade to their existing client management system


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Seven key improvements you can make 
to "stage" your business and increase its value

  1. Establish a documented and transferable: history of successful sales; a great pipeline of current prospects and a proven successful sales process.
  2. Generate in-depth lead source reporting- prospect to profitability tracking.
  3. Document key relationships- emails, notes, associated business documents and successful sales linked to the lead, contact, account or sales opportunity.
  4. Show proof of a successful and repeatable business process, including marketing campaigns and their outcome.
  5. Empower your staff and management with universally shared information including sales, marketing, administration and production data - with appropriate safeguards and data security.
  6. Attract and manage the right kind of prospects using a website landing page with clear benefit statements and a unique sales proposition - why your customers choose you. Include a call to action sign up form that leads straight into the CRM leads automation process.
  7. Take advantage of simple automation of key customer communication interactions, like reminder emails when a contract is about to expire, notifications and task assignments when stay-in-touch or follow-up calls should be made.

Nobody will buy a business 
that is disorganized! 
(Well they might, but not for the price you want!)