Improve Your Zoho System with Regular Zoho Administration

Zoho is continually updating what you can do with your Zoho product. It's tough to keep up with all of the changes. 

​With Regular Zoho Administration Services From Prodigm... 

Updates are Monitored

Our support team monitors what's new and what could be useful for you to implement. In addition they will assist you with the administration of your system.

Ongoing Guidance Provided

We help your team to continuously improve your Zoho system by providing ongoing pre-booked maintenance, updates, and guidance. 

System Works as expected

We ensure that your Zoho system is working as expected, that your reports are showing positive use and engagement, and that any new functionality is implemented quickly and without disruption. 

Our Services Include:


Answering specific procedural questions and new process support. Training in best practices and custom procedures. 

Individual Coaching

Coaching your staff how to use new functionality or procedures. Blueprinting your processes to help your staff follow the procedures to ensure quality control and consistency.

Data Audit

Further integrations with external data. New security controls and audits.

System Maintenance

Regular and planned system maintenance

Admin Support

Adding or removing users. Assigning staff to the appropriate applications at the correct level of usage and capability

Workflow Management

Adding workflow controls and management approval

Book Regular Zoho Administration Now

System Administration services are booked on a regular monthly basis for as long as you need them on a minimum of half-day increments per month. Select the plan below to subscribe.