Prodigm has completed over 100 

implementations of Zoho


​What makes Prodigm a compelling option?

Great Functionality Piggy Bank

Prodigm delivers Comprehensive Functionality at a Great Price

You may not require any additional software to run your whole business.


Sales, marketing, accounting, billing, Inventory, HR, document storage, business process management and workflow, email processing, social communications, communications, spreadsheet document signing, surveys and more..... Much more.

"It's great to know that I am looking at the most up-to-date information at all times"

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Prodigm delivers Incredible Security

Zoho Cloud means that your data and systems are stored securely and hot-backed-up in the cloud. Encrypted at rest. Granular user access control and capabilities. 

No more paper or spreadsheets to mislay critical customer files. GDPR privacy standards. Highest data protection and security ratings. No data required on local drives.

Zoho Incredible Security Lock
Zoho Automation Hammock

Prodigm delivers Configurable Automation

Zoho Applications are completely configurable for your business. 

Many customizations are achieved by configuration, not programming. Sometimes minimal programming required (often none at all). 

In Zoho One, the User control for all modules is in one place. That includes mobile apps. Managers can review every detail of subordinates work and share screens remotely with them or a team.

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​We haven't worked with Prodigm before...

Big projects require big commitments. NOT TRUE! Prodigm will break your project down into smaller projects. You only commit to one project at a time and if you don't like the way things are going, you have the freedom to use another provider who can build on the work already done.

Zoho Big Projects Broken Chain

"Not a fit?"

Not all businesses are a good fit to work with us. We don't accept clients who would be better served elsewhere. In most cases we can tell before we start if our businesses are a good fit. If we are not, Prodigm will do it's best to point you in the right direction to a more appropriate provider.

Businesses that are a good fit are:

  • Sales focused
  • Committed to integrating their technology platforms
  • Able to dedicate resources to making their technology work for them
  • Able to dedicate time to making their technology work for them

If at any point in a project we find that another provider would better serve you, we will work with you to get that provider working on the project as quickly as possible.

​Our ​Clients Say....          

  ​How we implement Zoho Applications


Working with your team, we determine what problems we are trying to solve, identify the goals for the project and create an initial project plan.


We setup the system so that it fits your business needs perfectly, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Data Loading

We review your existing data and design an appropriate data load process, ensuring the data is loaded properly and that you are ready when the system goes live.

Administration Training

We train your system administrators so that they fully understand how the system will work and can manage it independently once the project is completed.

User Training

We train your users so that they understand the system, enjoy using it, and can do their job more effectively.

Coaching & Implementation Support

Once the system is implemented, we help address any initial issues, answer questions, and provide coaching as required to get you on your way.