Add millions to the value of your company in just twenty days for as little as ten thousand dollars

    Thinking about selling your company? Hoping to get a great price for it? 

    Planning a succession? Hoping it will go smoothly?

    Tidy up the organization to manage effectively

    Increase the perceived and real value of your company

    Prodigm Professional Business Renovation Service

    • Clean up, organize and modernize your systems
    • Transition your company for its full value to new owners

    First Steps


    Organized and classified


    Assigned and scored




    Cleaned, deduplicated, analyzable and shareable in real time


    Monitored, organized and accounted

    How do we achieve your goals?

    We convert all of your data and business processes into a fully integrated cloud-based system.

    Relationship and Contracts:

    Documented and stored in a central data bank


    Creating leads and funnelled into the CRM

    Internal communication and coordination:

    Working, fully organized, available everywhere

    Security and access:

    Impregnable, internally controlled by user and role


    Monitored, organized and accounted