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Before you commit completely to our Zoho solution, try
the  two-day hands-on Discovery process

Its hard to find out if a new system will work for your whole organization without 

 in-depth, hands-on, investigation. If you have looked at the free trial system, seen the videos,  and had a good feeling about everything that Zoho could provide to your Company, then perhaps this workshop is your next step.  Even if you are sure that Zoho is the right product for you, this session will prove very valuable in setting you on an accelerated path to successful implementation.

We offer a regularly scheduled two-day executive course where you can configure and test-drive your trial system with your team, under our business analysts guidance and tutelage.  That helps assure you and your team that the  choice you are making is the right one and that your business needs will be met. 

It also foreshortens the Discovery process, if you decide to go on into one of the full implementation packageswith Prodigm, or it gives you confidence and a roadmap, if you decide to complete the implementation project using your internal resources

For those companies that require a full implementation project, the Gold, Silver and Bronze packages (below), describes the project templates that we use as a starting point and a budget guideline. 

That gives each of us realistic expectations around the implementation project scope and price.   Each implementation is a collaboration between Prodigm staff and the Customer's staff. Your input and participation affects the final budget performance, but we each have input at regular project meetings to stay on track. 

About Gold, Silver and Bronze Implementation packages

To provide a starting point to your project planning and budget process, we have created three sample projects with realistic budget allocations. These may work for your needs as is.  At the same time, due to either more or less complex needs, we can mutually agree to adjust time allocations and budgets to meet your expected needs - we then both work hard to meet the budgets. 

We allocate and reserve our staff for your project according to your budgeted needs. Thus it makes sense to be realistic in assessing how much of our time you will need. For all standard functionality, Zoho has produced some excellent guidance videos. We encourage our clients to watch a curated list of useful guidance videos and then come to us with more specific questions about their unique requirements or to help with understanding. Obviously the list of videos is a useful and permanent resource that you can use when new staff join your organization.