Meet Peter

Peter Coy, 

President Prodigm Inc.

Choosing the right SaaS CRM and associated business support software  for your needs, is a challenge

Hi, I'm Peter Coy, Prodigm's Founder and President.  Prodigm has implemented over 60 Zoho CRM and related business systems since 2012, for customers ranging from 3 users up to more than 80 users.

Most implementations have been very successful, hailed for helping people to perform their jobs more easily, with less stress and wasted time. 

Sales people, inside staff and operations have all benefited from adopting a system that is both easy to use and also quite intuitive and sophisticated. "That is perfect" is a phrase I hear almost every day.

How have we succeeded where many companies have struggled? Well we follow a process that empowers our users and delivers a lot of value almost immediately. 

We measure most implementations in days and weeks where many others expect months and years.

We follow a specific implementation process and share the project management coordinating details and expectations with you. Its always a team effort between us and you. We can't work in a vaccum and then expect to deliver to your expectations. 

We know we have all succeeded when after the implementation process is completed we hear comments like :

"How did we ever manage before this system was implemented".

Our aim is to put the power and capabilities 
‚Äčin your hands

We help you get up-and-running and provide expert advice and training where required. However, most people find Zoho relatively easy to use and configure once we have helped get the initial understandings established and have put the right security and controls in place to keep your valuable data secure. 

During configuration we make the system truly yours. Reflecting your ideas about how you want to run the business and how you expect people to work cooperatively.

The key ingredient is that we are heavy-duty users of our own techniques and systems. That means if we advise you on how to approach using system capabilities to meet your needs, we have already tried it out, tested it in the field and found it effective. 

Ultimately, the most important component of any system is the people that use it. We work to make this system yours, containing your ideas, inventiveness and insight.