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Secrets of Zoho Marketing Automation

Shhhh it's a secret!

Sign up on the form on the right side and discover how to engage with Prospects and Customers and convert using the power of Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. 

This sign up was originally used for respondents to a Zoho webinar we gave in 2015. You can see the sessions in the videos below. 

It is still a great example of identifying the main problem that the prospect needs to solve and then providing a solution. See how we used a story line to engage interest and make our email stand out.

If you decide you like what we have done, we are happy to provide you with consulting assitance to help you set up a similar process. Just contact us at l 1-888-683-6810 | Sales@prodigm.ca

Secrets of Marketing Automation Webinars

These videos presented by Prodigm President  Peter Coy, contain the original Webinars presented relating to using Zoho Products for effective Marketing Automation. The series contains general hints and tips relating to your email process, content and approach that will help you design your own series.

This series of videos could completely revolutionize your Sales and Marketing process.

Why Marketing Automation?

How Marketing Automation?

Show me an example of how it works!

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