Welcome to the "How To" Automated Marketing Series

This page is an example of a landing page that can be used when initiating a new series of emails. 

You probably arrived here because you clicked into this page link from the email in the first series of emails in our demonstration series. 

We did not have to display this page, but it is an example of using a page to introduce a new concept or relationship. You are automatically enrolled in a new sequence that begins to introduce the solutions to the problems we have outlined in Series 1.  It can also introduce new offers, such as "Free Zoho One Trial".

If you reached this page without signing up for the series you can click the button below and start from the beginning with the story of Jim and Javad and a sale gone bad.

Deeper Secrets Ahead

We're revealing more secrets about how you can individually address potential buyers who have different perspectives and needs.

And we are showing how you can achieve your Automated Marketing goals using standard Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM components!

You can test the software we used to create this series by clicking the sign up link below which gives you a free trial of Zoho One, a comprehensive and affordable package of software components  which includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Sites (Optional) we use.