Prodigm Zoho CRM Consulting
  • "Helping small and medium-sized businesses become more efficient, nimble, responsive, secure, profitable and enjoyable to work in."

    ~ Peter Coy, President, Prodigm Inc.‚Äč

Why Prodigm?

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in implementing Zoho One and Zoho individual applications for a wide range of business environments and types.

We want to help your business grow!

If you are looking for  innovative and entrepreneurial help, we love finding a new "better way" with you. 

If you want a better sales and marketing process, we help design effective sales process strategy and workflow automation.  We will integrate your marketing processes and web forms with your direct email marketing. 

If you want better control of your business, we will build in approval controls at critical process points.

Implementing a new system is the best opportunity to introduce new efficiencies, simplified and unified procedures, collaboration between your business "Silos".

Clients and Testimonials

Garage upgrades: Our client is intent on transforming your garage space into a well-organized, delightful and functional space. We helped configure: Sales process, Inventory and purchasing management, Calendar coordination for installers,  installation materials delivery coordination and on-line billing and payment.

Our client is providing software and hardware to IP service providers to deploy SD-Wan for their clients: Prodigm  helped design the sales process and automate the multi-stage marketing automation process of conversion through a complex prospect engagement, qualification and test process.

Our Client is Selling customized promotional Items: Prodigm  helped configure:  Quoting, sourcing and configuring promotional items of all types and sizes to international customers from international suppliers, with absolutely critical delivery dates and very careful quality control. Complete integration of Sales process management, Marketing integration, Production workflow, Purchasing, Accounting, Billing, Inventory management.

Booking Services:

"Our team was fairly new to CRM but Peter made it very simple to understand. Working with Peter made a significant impact on our business and he helped advise our team on how to sort out our initial setup and security. We'd definitely work with Peter again in the future!"