CRM Gold Package

If your business is aiming to create $100,000 or more in annual recurring bottom-line improvement through CRM and associated functionality implementation,

then this package of services is for you.

It includes the discovery process, consulting, design, data conversion, implementation and training services to speed your goal attainment and delivers... 

...a 2 to 1 ROI in year 1 and a 10 to 1 ROI over 5 years.


Gold Package Includes:

Implementation Support and Admin Training for:

Zoho CRM

Zoho Accounting and Billing

Zoho Survey

Zoho Campaigns - Marketing Automation

Zoho Analytics - Advanced Reporting

Zoho Support

Zoho Sales IQ

Zoho Sales Motivator

Zoho Web Forms

Zoho Project Manager

Zoho Social

Integrated Power Dialing and Call Recording

Included Additional Services

Sales Process Design

Sales Person Training

Marketing Automation Design for One or More Projects

Branding and Communications Design

Project Management


You will get ROI from:

  • Improving your sales process efficiency
  • Increasing lead velocity
  • Auto qualifying leads through surveys
  • Automating the marketing process
  • Providing encouragement and motivation to your sales force
  • Analyzing and reacting to your ongoing results and KPI variations
  • Increasing employee and manager collaboration and productivity
  • Getting leads directly from your website into the leads module
  • Faster email processing 
  • Integrating your customer support process
  • Managing your projects more efficiently

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