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There is a very straight-forward process from here and now, to your completely implemented system...

  1. Complete our survey to identify your needs and focus our first conversation with you.
  2. Make an estimate of how your bottom line can improve by implementing various aspects of the system.
  3. Sign up for a trial version of the CRM (or other Zoho Product) in the SIGN UP section of the website - We will use your trial version when we work together to identify your requirements. (Anything we set up in the free trial version is carried into the full system if you decide to proceed. - We will of course clear any test data before you go live).
  4. Once you have completed the first three steps, Identify a good time for you to chat with us and contact us at sales@prodigm.ca for your FREE 30 minute CONSULTATION
  5. We will contact you and set up an on-line or face-to-face conversation with one of our business analysts to identify your requirements and expectations.
  6. We will identify the scale of project that makes sense to you based on our Bronze, Silver or Gold CRM implementation package.
  7. We will discuss and detail your project, giving you the precise process and tasks within the project and identify which of your staff will need to be involved at what stages.
  8. You will have a clear basis for making a decision and giving the green light to your project.
  9. A large portion of your project will include training. We have associates who will help you successfully apply for training grants. You can receive up to two-thirds of the cost of training. Find out more here.
  10. When you decide to begin your project we follow our standard implementation sequence.
  11. Success! Your system will be up-and running, fully customized for your requirements, your data from previous systems added and up-to-date, your staff trained to use the system for their day-to-day work, your administrators trained and fully capable of controlling the security and access of the system and data. Best of all, your managers will be able to manage by exception, coaching, minimizing the need for review meetings and fully informed of KPI progress for their team and each individual.


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