Fast Start  for implementing Zoho One

Fast Start 3

 When you know that you have a bigger project, with more discovery and you need to reserve a lot of resources straight away

Reserving 230 Contact and consulting / training /development hours over a 8 week implementation Sprint

Fast Start 2

When you know that you have a medium-sized project and you are still exploring your overall scope and budget

Reserving 110  Contact and consulting / development/ training hours over a 4 week implementation Sprint

Fast Start 1

When you are really not sure what you need and you want a preliminary look at the system and initial professional help to check the feasibility of your plans.. You can always expand your project and add more services once you are sure.

Reserving 50 Contact consulting training hours over a 2 week implementation Sprint

Fast Start Introduction

Have you ever seen the Home and garden TV show Leave it to Brian? His deal is to say to a homeowner: "Show me three areas in your house you would like me to renovate, tell me your available budget, and I will choose one of the projects to do first based on providing the best value to you." 

"You will not implement all of Zoho One in your first project".

It is an interesting way to get to the heart of what can be done for a given budget. We have provided three starting project sizes that provide our customers with a Fast Start  . That means we work with you to help you choose which Fast Start works for you. It is a set time project with specific deliverables. The intent is to get you real-life hands-on experience with the system and the quality of our services for a fixed price, so you can make better informed decisions about what to do  next.

There are a lot of paths you could take in an initial implementation of Zoho One. There are many choices, with more than 40 Applications which you may choose to implement at any time. (But not all at once!)..

Step one: "With your budget and priorities, we suggest you start here". 

During Discovery, while  planning your project you may find that you would really like to do more. That is because until you see the benefits you will realize for your business, it is very hard to understand what you should do first. 

Once the Fast start is over you will be in a much better position to prioritize next steps and plan them as budget allows. But the Fast Start will let you  start using the system and learning what it will do for you. 

You can then make informed choices about your next steps.

Fast Start Advantages

As with anything new, It is helpful to have a guide to make it all easier. Fast Start service packages offer you initial set up and planning to ensure that you will understand your objectives and how they will be met by using the system and procedures we design with you. We integrate the Zoho One system components that you will use, with users assigned appropriately to the applications that you need to use immediately. 


Fast Start packages deliver several advantages:


      You get to know Zoho One applications better, so you can make informed decisions

      You will understand what Prodigm can do for you, so it makes it easier to decide to make a larger commitment if required, in building a long-term relationship.

      You will avoid big “Showstopper” mistakes that will derail your implementation. Early mistakes can cause your project to lose credibility with Management and Staff.

      You can assess how much Prodigm can accomplish for a fixed price, and the immediate value of Prodigm services

      You will be able to assess to what extent your staff is capable of taking on the various strategic, organizational and technical tasks that are required. We want you to be confident and self-supporting users of a system that you understand well. If you have the right staff and management, you may be able to take on the next phases using internal resources with minimal support from Prodigm or Zoho. If not we will help you beyond the initial stages outlined with ongoing support and coaching for as long as you want using our monthly-paid support program

      Increased insight into the business advantages that Zoho can bring your business, provide guidance into the opportunities in the “next phases of the project.

      You will understand how Prodigm professional services enhance and augment the standard support processes offered by Zoho as part of your license fee.

      You will understand the training required to on-board a new user, how to protect your data security and how to be consistent in your sales process. 

    You can add the balance of the functionality available in Zoho One once you and your staff are ready. That way you are not overwhelmed with all of the training and changed procedures all at once.