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Organize sales team with a productive cloud based system with minimal setup to use almost straight out of the box.

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Why Bigin? 

- To get organized, share with a team, and eliminate delays and confusions.​​

- To build, manage ​and energize a great company.
- As the CEO or manager, run your fully loaded CRM, while your sales team can just use Bigin to keep track of sales, clients and tasks. 
​- Easy to navigate sales pipeline and project management.

Try Bigin Now - Free trial
Try Bigin Now - Free trial

How to install and configure Bigin yourself

About Bigin
Bigin is a very straight forward system to install yourself. You will immediately gain the insight you need and the universal go-anywhere access for your salespeople and administration. 

​Bigin is a great first step. It's practical proof of how it feels to have a system that really works for your business. But at some point you may want more...

In the future, once you have proven that this system is efficient and easily adopted, you might find that you want to use other integrated Zoho Products to develop similar efficiency and ease of use in other aspects of your business. 

Prodigm has been a Zoho Partner since 2011. Over 150 Zoho projects later, we have developed insight and expertise for these Zoho Products, most of which we have installed and setup for clients several times in the last 12 months :

  • Zoho CRM - like Bigin, but multi-purpose and larger scale, the central data storage of absolutely every transaction in your company with feeds of transactions from:
  • Accounting - Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory
  • Projects - Zoho Projects and Zoho Sprints
  • Emailing - Zoho Mail and Zoho SalesInbox
  • Mass Emailing and Campaign Automation - Zoho Campaigns and Marketing Hub
  • Customer Service requests and Tickets - Zoho Desk
  • Custom development - Zoho Creator
  • Online meetings and coordination - Zoho Meeting, Zoho Cliq and Zoho Showtime
  • Word processing and Spreadsheets - Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheets
  • Web forms and Surveys - Zoho Forms and Zoho Surveys
  • Document signing and integration - Zoho Sign
  • Online store - Zoho Commerce
  • Website building and maintenance - Zoho Sites
If you want to discover what more we can do for you, please book a free 30 minute consulting meeting by Zoom or equivalent using the link below.
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  • What will it cost?
    Bigin is ordered by the number of users. It costs $7 USD per user per month if paid annually or $9 per user if paid month to month.
  • What do I get for that?
    24/5 technical support from Zoho. 
    A full featured version of Zoho Bigin for Sales Management.
  • Can I integrate Bigin with my current CRM? Yes. Bigin can be integrated with any Zoho app automatically. Using Zapier, Bigin can also be integrated with your alternative bookkeeping software or CRM.
  • How do I get started?
    Review the two product videos on this page to explore all of the features and capabilities, plus what you need to do to get set up.
  • How do I load data from another system
    Step1- Take a CSV upload from your previous system.
    Step 2- Map your data fields to Bigin Data Fields, create custom fields if needed for any of your current system fields that are not standard in Bigin.
    Step 3- Load the CSV data into Bigin.
  • Can I email to Leads and Contacts directly from Bigin?
    Yes, and you can send to groups of contacts or leads to receive a templated email – you set up the variables of fields you want to insert from Bigin to personalize the email or its heading.
  • Can I initiate a phone call or Text message from a contact or Lead in Bigin?
    Yes, you just need to set up the Zoho Phone bridge for your phone provider as outlined in the setup video.
  • Is the free version fully featured? 
    No. It has volume and feature limitations, but you can check out the look and feel with a test data set.
  • Can I protect my corporate data from data theft or hackers?
    Yes, firstly Zoho data is encrypted at rest and while being sent to your device. There are multiple back ups in real-time between servers with auto fail-over. See for more details. 

  • Can I control what my employees can see or do? 
    Yes. Review roles and profiles in the setup video and be sure to set up the access you want to give to specific employees and their role or profile before you make the system "live."

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