Our Process

1). Discovery

Our process begins with discovery where we determine what problems we are trying solve. Discovery begins with a brief survey that helps your team identify and coordinate the goals for CRM. We will create a plan and project outline for you that we work together on to fine-tune.

2). Configuration

Configuration involves setting up a system that fits your business needs perfectly. Creating a system that fits your needs means no confusion or pain later.

3). Administrator Training

The goal of administrator training is to put you and your staff in charge of the system. We want you to become as independent as possible.

4). Data Loading

We review what data you have and design a load process to support you. We ensure that your data is loaded properly and that you are ready when the system goes live.

5). User Training

User training gives users what they need to know to do their job faster and easier. We want users to understand and love the system.

6). Implementation Support

When the system is implemented, we are there to help out with any initial issues. If users and administrators have any questions, we are available to coach them.