Our Team

Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in analyzing your challenges and suggesting and designing a solution that will revolutionize your organization.

That means we understand Sales process, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Accounting, Operations, Inventory management, Communication management, On-line Sales, Website transactions, Motivation, Mass emailing, Landing pages, Lead velocity, Analytics and advanced reporting, Surveys, Emailing Campaigns, Process design and most of all how to get your staff and management to enjoy and thrive in the CRM environment.

In addition to our full-time staff, we also have a virtual staff of Zoho certified consultants and partners throughout North America and globally which ensures that we have the right resources for your project. Our consultants are experienced with the challenges and opportunities in implementing the CRM. They also have deep product knowledge and experience in identifying which of the full suite of Zoho products will help you the most.

Our implementation projects follow a standard approach which you can review here: Prodigm's Successful Implementation Process