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"A CRM is everything you know about everyone you know ,,,

,,,and what you plan to do about it"

Peter Coy, President Prodigm Inc.

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Client Testimonials 


"I feel like we are stepping into the future!"       

-Scott McGaw, Senior Consultant, Knightsbridge Robertson Surette  

"Peter and Prodigm have recently helped Canada Custom Shutters to implement the cloud-based Zoho CRM system. This has led to profound positive changes in sales management, forward planning and in connecting marketing investment to actual sales results."

-Goran Gigic CEO, Canada Custom Shutters


 "We have never been busier with inquiries and bookings (just broken Barlings' record for 12/13 again)! I could not have managed without Zoho CRM and your expert assistance in setting up the Zoho system and our Zoho sites web-site Many thanks, you are a key part of our success team."       

Terry Margolis, CEO, Barlings Barn